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Found in storage 01/01/23, this is the only T-Shirt remaining from a short print run of this item dating back to 2007.

'This Means Nothing To You' was to be the title of the second Earth Loop Recall album, which was due to be released in 2008. However, ELR split before work on the album had been completed, though several tracks ('000000', 'Adoration', 'Unbeautiful' and 'We Fall Apart') would later appear on the first This Is Radio Silence album 'Now There's Nothing' in 2010.

The intended title track 'T.M.N.T.Y.' features on the extended CD edition of that album, having been originally released as an AA single in August 2008 alongside 'The Heart Grows Fonder'. 'T.M.N.T.Y. remains a key part of the TIRS live set to this day, making this T-Shirt an interesting artefact in ELR/TIRS history.

Medium size, black with gold/khaki print. Removed from sealed packaging for purposes of photographs only.

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This Is Radio Silence London, UK

THIS IS RADIO SILENCE - UK alternative band.

Ben McLees, Hunter Barr, Geoff Courts.

This page also features releases by associated artists DISCONNECTS and Earth Loop Recall.

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